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Our Handpan is made with love, passion and care. We find it important to take as much time as needed during the building process. To achieve the soothing, deep sound that we are extremely proud of.

Would you like to learn to play the handpan? Or are you already familiar with the “Hang Drum” but are you ready for a new sound? Our handpan is ideal for beginning and advanced players.

Tongue Drum

Steel Tongue Drum

With our Constellation series you will experience how easy it can be to play a Steel Tongue Drum. The Drum is known for its warm sound, in addition, the size is ideal to bring the drum anywhere!

All our Steel Tongue Drums are crafted by hand and accurately tuned multiple times. As a result, our Tongue Drums retain the magical sound they are known for. So they can be enjoyed for many years to come.


Spiral Didgeridoo

Our Spiral Travel Didgeridoo is made of high quality mahogany wood. We care about details, this Didgeridoo is very carefully finished to guarantee the full overtone and rich sound. 

The dimensions of the didgeridoo ensure that the instrument is easy to store at home, in addition, the size makes this digde perfect to take travelling.

Spiral Didgeridoo

All our instruments are made by hand...

For years we have been obsessed by the magical sounds of the Steel Tongue Drum and the Handpan. However, a few years ago it was quite difficult to obtain these instruments. The shortage of good instrument makers made these instruments very hard to find and drove the prices way up.

We saw this as a huge opportunity. Shouldn't it be possible to make the Steel Tongue Drum and Handpan available to a wider audience? With this idea we started our search.

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