Our Story

Check out our mini film "The Art of Creating Our Handpan". Take a look behind the scenes and experience the passion that goes into building our instruments.

Our Story

Al jaren lang zijn wij gefascineerd door het magische geluid van de Steel Tongue Drum en de Handpan. Toch was het een aantal jaar geleden nog moeilijk om aan deze prachtige instrumenten te komen. Het gebrek aan goede makers zorgde ervoor dat de instrumenten erg kostbaar waren. Dit vonden wij  een enorm gemis. Het zou toch mogelijk moeten zijn om  de Steel Tongue Drum en de Handpan voor een groter publiek beschikbaar te stellen? Met dit idee zijn wij op zoek gegaan.

This search led us to the beautiful island of Bali. Here we came in contact with a number of amazing instrument makers. We were impressed by the passion they had for their craft and the skill of their work. We decided to bring a couple of instruments to the Netherlands for ourselves and for a number of friends. Quickly we found out how many people are interested in affordable Steel Tongue Drums and Handpans, and LIDAH Drums was founded.

Giving Back

As a company, we pride ourselves on giving back to the local community of Bali. Social involvement is central to our mission. For example, we only work with local instrument makers, who are paid fairly for their work. Furthermore, with part of our proceeds we support local projects, such as Chloe's Foster Home. With every instrument you buy, you contribute to a better Bali.

Our Goal

We started as a small company with a big dream. A dream in which we make Steel Tongue Drums and Handpans affordable for everyone. Our passion for these beautiful instruments ensures that we only craft the highest quality instruments for a fair price.

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