Watch our Mini-Film “The Art of Creating Our Handpan”.
Take a look behind the scenes and experience the passion that goes into building our instruments.


For years we have been fascinated by the magical sounds of the Steel Tongue Drum and the Handpan. However, a few years ago it was quite difficult to obtain these instruments. The shortage of good instrument makers The shortage of good instrument makers made these instruments very hard to find and drove the prices way up. This frustrated us greatly. Surely it should be possible to make Steel Tongue Drums and Handpans available for more people? WIth this idea we started our journey.

This journey led us to the beautiful island of Bali, where we got in contact with various instrument makers. We were very impressed by their passion, the precision and skill of their work. We started talking and working together to design and create various instruments. This has resulted in our current selection of special instruments, we strive to add even more unique instruments to our collection.


We are proud to say that we give back to the local community of Bali. Being involved is part of our mission. We only work with local instrument makers, who are paid fairly for their work.

In addition, we use part of our revenue to support local projects. We are closely involved with YKPA Foster Home, a foster home that houses more than 40 children.

With every instrument you buy, you contribute to a better Bali.


We want to make instruments you don't come across every day, carry a special sound and a unique story. So that every time you play our instruments is an experience. We believe that is what makes sound special.

Sustainability has a prominent place in our mission. We realize the impact we have on the world and therefore want to give back. We are currently far from perfect but try to contribute as much as possible. We plant trees in Indonesia for every didgeridoo we sell. We strive to reduce our CO2 footprint as much as possible.