2017, I was shown a video of a handpan for the first time. I didn't know what I happened to me, the sound immediately fascinated me and planted a seed of curiosity. During a trip to Bali later that year, I encountered several skilled artist / craftsmen. This encounter set everything in motion. I was impressed by the passion they radiated, the precision and skill of their work. We worked together to design and bring various instruments to life. Thus, the first Tongue Drums were born...

Watch our Mini-Film “The Art of Creating Our Handpan”.
Take a look behind the scenes and experience the passion that goes into building our instruments.


Together, we set up a studio, equipped with the finest tools and equipment to elevate the quality of our instruments to new heights. We experiment with different materials, scales, tuning techniques and finishes. This has resulted in our exceptional collection of handmade instruments. 

Our goal is to craft instruments that not only produce exceptional sound, but also tell a unique story. Every instrument we create is a source of inspiration and an experience in itself.

Founder LIDAH


We are proud to say that we give back to the local community in Bali. Social responsibility is at the core of our mission. We exclusively collaborate with local instrument makers who are fairly compensated for their craftsmanship.

Furthermore, we support local projects with a portion of our proceeds. We are closely involved with YKPA Foster Home, an orphanage that cares for over 40 children. With every purchase, you contribute to a better Bali.


Sustainability is integral to our mission. We understand the impact we have on the world and strive to make a positive contribution. For every wooden instrument we sell, we plant a tree in Indonesia. Additionally, we make efforts to recycle packaging materials and minimize our CO2 footprint as much as possible.

Thank you for being part of our story and sharing our passion. Together, through sound, we contribute to something special.