LIDAH® Handpan - D-minor (9) / Kurd

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LIDAH® D-mineur (9) Handpan
✔ The Nitrided Steel provides the soothing and warm sound
✔ Including Travel Bag to transport your Handpan easy and safe
✔ Perfectly suitable for meditation, sound therapy or other spiritual purposes.


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LIDAH® Handpan - D-minor (9) / Kurd

  • 9 notes: D / A, Bb, C, D, E, F, G, A.
  • Tuning: D-mineur (9) / Kurd
  • Material: Nitrated Steel
  • Inclusief Draagtas en  Handpanolie
This precisely tuned Kurd Handpan contains the notes: D / A, Bb, C, D, E, F, G, A.  The Kurd handpan is precisely tuned and elegantly finished. The handpan comes with a Travel bag. This instrument is ideal for both beginning and advanced percussionists. Furthermore, the harmonious sound makes this instrument suitable for relaxing, meditative and therapeutic purposes.
Weight 4,0 kg / 8,8 lb
Diameter 53  cm / 21″
Hoogte 26 cm / 10″

Real Steel of Nitrated Steel Handpan?

Our Real Steel handpan is made of high carbon steel. This gives the handpan the energetic and euphoric sound. Our Nitrated Steel handpan is made of nitrated steel. This handpan has a deeper, more melancholic sound. Both handpans are ideal for beginning and advanced percussionists and are ideal for meditation, sound therapy or other spiritual purposes. Listen carefully to the sound videos and choose the sound that touches you the most!

How to learn to play handpan?

It's not a problem if you don't have experience playing a Handpan or Tank Drum yet (also called Tongue Drum). It is quite easy to learn to play this instrument, there are a number of reasons for this. First of all, these instruments should be played by feeling. So you play whatever tones you feel like and that means you can't play wrong tones! In addition, the pure, harmonious tone compositions ensure that you can't hit wrong sound combinations. Take your time and you will enjoy the journey of explore your instrument.

What is the difference between a Handpan and a Tongue Drum?

We at LIDAH Drums are specialized in the Handpan and Tongue Drum. Both instruments produce a magically beautiful sound. For a lot of people, these instruments are ideal for relaxing and meditative purposes. In addition, the Tongue Drum and Handpan sound fantastic in combination with other instruments. However, there are some differences between these two percussion instruments.
With a diameter of 50-60 cm, a Handpan is many times larger than a Steel Tongue Drum 25-40 cm. Making a Handpan is a very time consuming process and requires enormous skill. Compared to a Tongue Drum, more expensive tools and materials are used to make a Handpan. This results in the difference in price between these two instruments. The Steel Tongue Drum also impresses in terms of sound. The smaller size makes the Tank Drum ideal for Travelling. In addition, the Tank Drum is a very accessible instrument for beginning percussionists. You will learn to discover the instrument in a joyful way. Whether you choose a Tank Drum or a Handpan, both instruments will provide you a lot of relaxation and enjoyment.



Weight 4.0 kg
Dimensions 53 × 53 × 26 cm

4 reviews for LIDAH® Handpan – D-mineur (9) / Kurd

  1. G. vd Heijde

    Ik ben bij lidah langsgeweest om de handpannen te beluisteren. Fijn om ze van dichtbij te zien en voelen. Alle tijd om de verschillende handpannen te beluisteren, uiteindelijk voor de kurd gekozen. Ben er enorm blij mee. Dank jongens!

  2. Sophia

    Voor deze (redelijk) scherpe prijs was ik een beetje sceptisch gezien er volgens mij zo veel mindere kwaliteit makers tussen zitten. Maar wat is dit een ongeloofelijk waanzinnig instrument. Ik ben in de wolken.

  3. Vlinder M.

    Received my handpan a couple of months ago, and love it! It is my first Handpan, and since buying it, I play every day, sometimes for hours. So much fun and so magical! As a yoga instructor I play it during class aswel, this instrument always touches people.

  4. Rinde Hek


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