LIDAH® Handpan Olie (100 ml)

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✔  Protects your handpan against dirt and acids
✔  Prevents your handpan from rust
✔  Gives your handpan It's beautiful glance


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LIDAH® Handpan Oil

LIDAH Handpan Oil is specially developed to keep your Handpans and Tongue Drums in supreme condition. It is a dermatologically tested natural product, considered optimal for the maintenance of your steel instrument.
Instructions: frequently wipe your steel instrument with microfibre cloth after playing, to remove some of the acids and salts from your hands. Frequently, drip a few drops of LIDAH Handpan Oil on the handpan surface and gently rub the oil on the instrument to give the instrument a protective layer. When your handpan is stored in a humid climate (nearby the sea), it is advisable to treat your handpan more often with oil. Furthermore, whenever the color of the steel gets lighter, it is advisable to treat the instrument with some LIDAH Handpan Oil. The lighter color of the steel is a sign that the protective layer of oil needs to be replenished.
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3 reviews for LIDAH® Handpan Olie (100 ml)

  1. Alicia

    Fijne Olie. Ik gebruik deze nu al meer dan een jaar , heb zojuist opnieuw bijbesteld. Aanrader

  2. Lotte

    goede handpanolie

  3. Boshuis

    Prima product, werkt voor mij goed, vergelijkbaar met Phoenix olie waar ik eerder ervaring mee had

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