LIDAH® Zephyr Series – Penta-C

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✔  Including travel bag and drumsticks
✔ The oval design provides an amazingly clear sound.
✔ With a diameter of 36 cm this drum has an impressive sound


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LIDAH® Zephyr Series – Penta-C

  • 9 tones
  • 440 Hz
  • Material: High Carbon Steel
  • Including Travel Bag and Drumsticks
With the Zephyr Series Tongue Drum (also called Tank Drum) you will experience how clear a Tank Drum can sound. The oval design provides a clear sound that touches you deeply. With a diameter of 36 centimeters, the drum has an impressive sound. This makes the drum perfect for meditation, music therapy or other spiritual purposes.
A Tank Drum can be played with hands or with mallets (drumsticks). Play the drum with your hands for a softer / quieter tone or with the included mallets (drumsticks) for a brighter / louder tone. These different ways of playing the Tank Drum provide a wide variation in playing experience and sound.
This drum has 9 notes, together they form an Penta-C tuning. The tongues are cut out of the steel by hand and tuned several times. This ensures the precise tuning and clean sound. The Tank Drum is ideal for spiritual, meditative and therapeutic purposes, but the Steel Tongue Drum is also beautiful in combination with other instruments.
Weight 3.4 kg / 7,5 lb
Diameter 36  cm / 14″
Hoogte 15 cm / 6″

How do I learn to play a Tank Drum?

It's not a problem if you don't have experience playing a Tongue Drum yet (also called Tank Drum). It is quite easy to learn to play this instrument, there are a number of reasons for this. First of all, Tongue Drums are instruments that should be played by feeling. So you play whatever tones you feel like and that means you can't play wrong tones! In addition, the pure, harmonious tone compositions ensure that you can't hit wrong sound combinations. Take your time and you will enjoy the journey of explore your instrument.

What can you use a Tongue Drum for?

The the Tank Drum is ideal to use for meditation, yoga, music therapy and other spiritual purposes. Many experience playing this instrument as enormously relaxing: "as if time stands still and all thoughts disappear for a moment". In addition, the Handpan and the Tank Drum can be beautiful in combination with other instruments, such as the piano, violin or harp.
Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 15 cm

Gold, Silver, Black

5 reviews for LIDAH® Zephyr Series – Penta-C

  1. Dylan

    Absoluut fenomenaal vakmanschap. Mooi geluid… Nu nog leren hoe ik hem moet bespelen lol

  2. Shasimoto

    Prachtige Hand drum, goed gemaakt, De penta c klank is erg mooi. Bedankt!

  3. Jaja

    voldoet aan verwachting

  4. Darwin Silva


  5. Rafa

    De kwaliteit van de drum ls absoluut geweldig. We hadden wat miscommunicatie over de kleur, maar ze hebben er alles aan gedaan om het te fixen. Ik ben ze super dankbaar en kom zeker nog een keer terug.

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