Zephyr Serie - Tongue Drum

Met de Zephyr Serie Tongue Drum (ook wel Tankdrum genoemd) ervaar je hoe zuiver een Tankdrum kan klinken. Het ovale ontwerp zorgt voor een heldere klank die je raakt. Met een diameter van 36 centimer heeft de drum een indrukwekkend geluid. Hierdoor is de drum perfect te gebruiken voor meditatie, klanktherapie of andere spirituele doeleinden.

The Zephyr Tank Drum has 9 notes and is available in the Equinox or Penta-C tuning. Below you will find the Zephyr Tank Drums that we currently have available. 


The Zephyr Series

All our Tankdrums are crafted by hand and accurately tuned multiple times. As a result, our drums retain the magical sound they are known for. So you can enjoy our Tongue Drums for many years to come.

  • Door de diameter van 36 centimer heeft de drum een indrukwekkend geluid.
  • Perfectly suitable for meditation, sound therapy or other spiritual purposes.
  • The oval design provides an amazingly clear sound.

Which Tankdrum should I choose?

Our Tank Drums (or Tongue Drum) are available in different keys. Therefore it is'nt surprising that you may not know which key to choose. We can give you all kinds of advice on this, but the most important thing is that you choose the instrument that appeals to you the most. In general, a minor key is experienced as a deeper / more melancholic sound. Where a major key produces a lighter / more euphoric tone. It is important to realize that everyone has their own taste and our number 1 advise to you is to choose the sound that appeals to you the most.

How do I learn to play a Tank Drum?

It's not a problem if you don't have experience playing a Tank Drum yet (also called Tongue Drum). It is quite easy to learn to play this instrument, there are a number of reasons for this. First of all, Tank Drums are instruments that should be played by feeling. So you play whatever tones you feel like and that means you can't play wrong tones! In addition, the pure, harmonious tone compositions ensure that you can't hit wrong sound combinations. Take your time and you will enjoy the journey of explore your instrument.

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